Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Only Thing You Need To Remember

There is a dark jungle next to a village. People who went into that jungle didn't come out. One day, a few people with torches went in. They were told not to, but they did it anyway. Only a few returned, dying, hurt, betrayed, broken, wounded, and more than a few dead. All of them with bleeding claw marks. Before the remaining ones died, this is what they say:

"Within the Jungle is a Tiger. It is tall, thin, and is the most frightening thing you will know. Its many claws are made of obsidian, and it has the most horrible eyes. But...it is just a Tiger, and it bleeds."

The villagers still fear the Jungle. They still fear the Tiger and take precautions...but they know it is just a Tiger. A creature of Shadows but NOT Unknown. Perhaps one day the Tiger will be slain...it is unlikely. However, there is no need for pointless, soul withering, fear.
It is a monster, but the monster bleeds.